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It’s Finally Here! Smoke

It can’t be said too often. At least that’s what some spambot seems to be programmed for, as this short sentence without sense appears all around social networks facebook and myspace lately. Which means plenty¹ of fun for the users. It’s hard to be marked as spam, as the message appears to be posted by someone on your friends list.

So what is the deal about this tag? Am I wrong about the bot, and some people just find their abusement² in writing this claim to several hundred walls a day. Any theories what this could be about? Feel free to post them as comments here, assuming that it is more than an ad to “sell super potent legal bud” to youngsters. It’s Finally Here! Smoke

¹ for low values of “plenty”
² deriving amusement from the abuse of other people’s walls

UPDATE 16/05: new spam arriving on facebook, again about super potent legal bud. more info here:

This is extra bad because we know that some employers (and other groups) are monitoring public facing facebook accounts. If a potential employer of mine checked my Facebook profile (if it was public) and saw this he may assume that I use/want to buy Marijuana – there goes my job.